4 professions are going to take over the market in 2019

1. Block Chain Developer

This is an interesting field that will be growing like crazy this year. With platforms like Ethereum taking the lead, more and more companies need developers who understand the blockchain, smart contracts, and can build decentralized applications. The market is still young and good developers are rare, so if you are able to become skilled in this area, the sky is the limit. The only downside is that the technology is moving really fast and things are constantly changing so you will have to be on top of the changes to stay relevant. Here is what you should do to get started in this career:

2. Machine Learning Engineer

This is another hot topic but probably one of the hardest to pick up on this list. You will most likely need some technical knowledge prior to be able to start into this field. Although we are very far away from artificial general intelligence, over the coming year, this field will produce drastic changes into out lives.

Soft ware developer

This is a massive industry and one of the safest bets that won’t be going away anytime soon, as it is in demand all over the world. We are surrounded by software and this is becoming more and more pronounced every year. It is my chosen profession and I believe in its future strongly.

There have been a lot of advancements in this field, and unlike in the past, where your programming language dictate what you are limited to doing, now with things like React Native, Electron, Jonny-Five, you can build anything on any platform with just the knowledge of javascript. This isn’t limited to javascript, but it illustrates the point: You can learn to program and do pretty much anything you want. It is also the field that will allow you to gain fundamental technical knowledge so you can jump onto new trending technologies like crypto investing, machine learning, blockchain development, or any upcoming future tech trends, and not feel overwhelmed.

Educators : who can explain complex topics

We are living in an ever growing world where technology is part of everything around us. The pace that new findings, new methods, and new advancements are being discovered is outpacing the amount that we can individually learn. More and more people are becoming specialized in their field because there is so much to depth and so much information of the collective human mind.

With the increase in quantity and pace of information, the quality of resources has diminished. In 2018 and beyond, there will be a greater and greater need for instructors who can teach complex topics to a beginner. Why is this hard? Education is notoriously difficult. People have different level abilities and different learning styles. Technology is also moving so fast, you also need to keep your education material current. The most difficult, however, is that as you become an expert, you forget what it is like to be a beginner and you assume that people know what you know. The people who can emphasize and explain things to someone with zero knowledge will provide great value to the world. I am still a beginner at this and I look forward to focusing on this skill in 2018.

If you love teaching, this is something that is really hard to perfect in the technology field, but can have great financial rewards, as well as intangible rewards like helping others succeed in their career.

Remember, being successful has a simple recipe: Create more value than you capture.