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Blockchain Fundamentals CPLB 801

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Blockchain Fundamentals  32 Hours/ 1 Month, CPLB 801

Local, instructor-led Blockchain training courses demonstrate through hands-on practice various aspects of the blockchain in the current market. CPLA classroom training classes are instructor-led, our instructors will teach you face to face with students in a traditional classroom setting. A industry experiences real instructor, hands-on learning with the software you are being taught, Interaction with all students in the class at other locations, easy access to the instructor. Small classes.

Course is offers only on weekends with continues enrollments.

Saturday & Sunday 8:30 AM -12:30 PM, 32hours of instruction in total

Please contact for more details about the program.

CPLA — Your Local Training Provider.

Why should I enroll in this Blockchain certification course?

Blockchain represents a major transformation for f key industries such as financial services, real estate, healthcare, insurance, public sector and many more. The demand for blockchain professionals has grown significantly and by 2025, 18 per cent of the world’s GDP will be on Blockchain technologies (Source: World Economic Forum). According to, the average annual salary for “Blockchain Developer” ranges from $85k to $115k. Top industries include:

    • Financial and banking services
    • Insurance
    • Cloud storage
    • Travel and transportation
    • Energy
    • Media and entertainment
    • Automotive
    • Government and public sector
    • Healthcare and life sciences
    • Retail and e-commerce
Course objective:

This Blockchain Certification course offers a hands-on training covering Bitcoins, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multi-chain scenarios. From a technological standpoint, you will develop a strong grasp of core Blockchain platforms, understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, learn key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain and understand why engineers are motivated to create an app with Ethereum. Hands-on exercises and projects will give you practical experience in real-world Blockchain development scenarios.

What skills will you learn with this online Blockchain training course?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Blockchain technology and its key concepts
  • Explain Bitcoin Transaction Process
  • Work with Ethereum deployment tools
  • Deploy a private Ethereum Blockchain
  • Work with Hyperledger projects
  • Deploy a business network using Hyperledger Composer
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum test network
  • Develop a private Blockchain using Multichain
  • Describe the future prospects and real-world use cases of Blockchain

Course Features

  • Students 4 students
  • Max Students25
  • Duration32 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A


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