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Complete Azure Basic Cloud

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. This course is designed to help you to build strong foundation in Microsoft Azure. No prior Azure experience required. This course has been designed with an architectural approach.

In the first overview section of the course, I will introduce you to the breadth of Azure (theory lectures only) i.e. take you through all key azure services at high level.

Once overview is completed, we will deep dive into following layers of Azure architecture with several hands-on exercises

  1. Storage – Introduction to Azure storage service architecture, Storage account. Working with Blobs, Tables, Queues using Visual studio. Security using storage keys and SAS keys. Storage monitoring using Azure portal.
  2. Network – Introduction of Azure network architecture. Creation of Virtual network, Network security groups, NIC, UDR. Introduction to Load balancer, Application Gateway. Introduction to VPN gateway and different connectivity options.
  3. Compute – Introduction to compute building blocks, Virtual machine creation, storage, availability sets, VM scale sets & auto scaling, taking backup of VM and security and monitoring of Virtual machines, Cloud service creation, Secure service fabric cluster creation.
  4. Databases – SQL database, Document DB, Data Warehouse and Data factory
  5. Analytics – Data Lake Store, Analytics, Power BI etc.
  6. Security – Security Centre, Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, RBAC, MFA etc.
  7. Monitoring & Diagnostics – Operations management suite, Monitor, Log analytics, Application Insights, Automation, Backup and disaster recovery
  8. Tools – Azure power shell, Azure REST APIs, ARM Templates, Storage explorer, Storage emulator
  9. Azure services comparison – Comparison of different Azure services

This course contains both theory lectures and a significant number of hands-on demos that helps you in gaining hands-on experience in key Azure services. This course help you in laying strong basic foundation in preparation of Microsoft Azure certifications 70-532, 70-533, 70-534/5

Course Features

  • Students 12 students
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration16 hour
  • Skill levelbeginner
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course3
  • Overview: Cloud Services/Azure Services

    Overview of Cloud Services • What is the Cloud • Types of Cloud Services • Azure Data Centers • Setting Up a Free Trial Azure Services overview • Introduction to Cloud computing & Microsoft Azure cloud • Introduction to Azure architecture • Azure Subscription, Deployment models • Lab: Overview of Azure portal • Azure Services overview -test

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  • Azure Storage Services

    • Azure Storage Services Architecture**New** • Storage accounts • Lab: Creating a storage account • Azure storage blobs & files **Updated** • Lab: Manage azure blobs using Azure portal and configure custom domain **New** • Move data to and from Azure Storage • Azure Storage Security**Updated** • Azure Storage Monitoring **New** • Lab: Monitor logs & metrics using Azure portal and Azure storage explorer**New** • Important azure storage service resources for reading • Azure Storage Services -exam

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  • Azure Network Services

    • Introduction to Azure network services architecture • Azure Virtual Network definition & capabilities • Lab: Create a virtual network & subnets using Azure portal • Introduction to Network Security groups • Lab: Create a network security group & inbound/outbound rules using Azure portal • Lab: Create two web servers and deploy them into subnets and test NSG rules • Introduction to Network interfaces, Route tables and VNet peering • IP Address configuration • Lab: IP address configuration using Azure portal • VNets, Subnets and NSG design patterns • Introduction to Load Balancer, Application gateway and Traffic manager • Azure load balancer walkthrough • Introduction to VPN Gateway and connectivity scenarios • Azure Network

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  • Azure Compute Services

    • Azure compute services building blocks overview • Virtual machines deployment options, configuration choices & sizes • Lab: Creation of Azure virtual machine using Azure portal • Overview of Azure VM storage • Lab: Managed & Unmanaged disks, changing performance tiers and taking snapshots • Introduction of availability sets, zones and storage availability • Lab: Creation of an Availability set and deploying virtual machines into it • Overview of Virtual machine scale sets • Lab: Scaling of Azure virtual machines in virtual machines scale set - Part 1 • Lab: Scaling of Azure virtual machines in virtual machines scale set - Part 2 • Overview of Azure Backup • Lab: Taking a backup of a VM using Azure backup and restoring the same • Overview of Azure VM security • Lab: Walkthorugh of RBAC of Azure VM and managed service identity • Overview of Azure VM monitoring • Lab: Walkthrough of Azure VM metrics and configure an activity log alert

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  • Azure Database and Analytics

    • SQL Database • Lab: Creating a SQL Database on Azure & Elastic pool • DocumentDB • Lab: DocumentDB • SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Server Stretch Database • Redis Cache and Data Factory • Data Lake Store & Analytics • HDInsight & Cognitive Services • Power BI & Analysis Services • Optional Lab: Creation of data lake store and data factory using Azure portal • Optional Lab: Copy data from SQL database into Data Lake using Data Factory

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  • Azure monitoring and Diagnostics

    • Introduction of Azure Monitoring & Diagnostics • Types of monitoring data collected in Azure • Lab: View metrics, activity logs & diagnostic logs using Azure portal • Introduction to Azure Monitor • Lab: Walkthrough of Azure monitor, define alerts & auto scaling • Introduction to Operations Management Suite (OMS) • Introduction to Log Analytics • Lab: Walkthrough of Log analytics in Azure and OMS portals • Lab: Setup of activity log analytics solution in Log analytics • Lab: Connect Azure virtual machine with log analytics solution • Lab: Log searches, computer groups & dashboards design in Log analytics • Automation and Scheduler • Optional Lab: Azure automation using runbook • Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery • Optional Lab: Taking backup of VM using Azure Backup and Recovery Services Vault • Optional Lab: Restore a VM using restoration point in Recovery Service Vault

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